Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple solutions to TV Reception Problems

You’re at home watching your favourite soap opera, and things are heating up. You love the characters, and two of your favourite ones seem to be falling in love. You think that they might kiss during this episode. They share a romantic moment, and look into each other’s eyes. He reaches out to push her hair behind her ear and… The television’s out! Now you’ll never see them kiss. Bloody signal.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then you know that uninterrupted reception is important. Reception problems can make even your favourite program frustrating to watch. While using an antenna instead of a cable service is a great way to save money, reception problems can make you regret that decision. You can fix these problems by having your TV antenna professionally installed. While it may be tempting to try and fix it on your own, most individual homes don’t have the tools needed to even diagnose the problem. Calling a professional will give you access to the full suite of tools and techniques you need to fix your reception problem. You’ll never have to miss a crucial television moment again!

Diagnosing the Problem: Signal Detection

Professional antenna installers will figure out the source of your problem, and the best way to fix it. They’ll start by using a signal meter, a device that can cost up to thousands of dollars, to determine what signal strength you can receive and the best direction for your antenna. After the diagnosis, the antenna installers can help you decide what to do to fix your reception problems.

Possible Solutions

It may be that fixing your reception problem was as simple as changing the antenna’s position. In many cases, more drastic measures are needed.

Signal Boosting

Your antenna installer may recommend the installation of a signal booster or amplifier to fix your reception. This is a great time to have an antenna expert on hand, since they can recommend and install the best signal booster for your particular reception problem.

Antenna Replacement

Not all antennas are made equal. Some antennas provide better reception at low signal strength, while others work better with higher signal strength. Excellent antenna installers will have many types of antenna available, and can help advise you on which is best for your home.

Other Upgrades

Reception problems are a good opportunity to upgrade to HD service or go digital (if you haven’t already). Sunshine Coast is switching over to all digital broadcasting soon, so prepare now to make sure you aren’t left behind during the switch. Professional antenna installers can put in the new digital set top box for you while they are fixing your reception problems. Some installers can bring a top box for you, even one set up for HD service. Because they are antenna experts, professional installers can make sure everything is working properly for the best reception possible.

Finding a Professional Antenna Installer in Sunshine Coast


Look for installers with the “get ready for digital TV” logo on their site. This logo means that they are an officially endorsed antenna installer and can help you with your reception problems. Companies that provide installation are preferable to individuals: with a company you are more likely to find punctual, safe, and friendly service. To reduce costs, look for companies that can provide antennas, signal boosters/amplifiers, and help you with other services such as outlet cabling. Some companies will “beat any written quote” or offer pensioner discounts, ensuring a great price. When in doubt, it never hurts to call, and many companies will be happy to consult with you about fixing your reception problems

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