Thursday, May 14, 2015

WHY 4K Televisions Are So Popular

4K televisions are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. After a proper home theatre installation, with speaker calibration and a fantastic environment to watch, the viewing experience can be unmatched. 

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With an 80-inch screen and quadruple the image quality of full HD, anything's watchable as long as you're not going over it repeatedly. There's 4K TV and there's 8K TV, both of which make up the Ultra-High Definition standard. Both are capable of playing videos at 24, 25, 50, 60 or 120 frames per second. 4K TV sets are now available from most TV manufacturers.  

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So what's 4K? Well, after what's been said above, it shows that the potential image clarity is more fine and greater texture is visible. But that's just for starters. Now you've probably heard of Ultra High Definition. Technically, this term is actually a derivation of the 4K digital cinema standard. Multiplexes show images in 4096 X 2160 4K resolution. The new ultra HD consumer format has a lower resolution of 3840 X 2160 which is why a few brands prefer to use ultra HD or UHD instead of 4K.

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The high pixel density of a 4K panel enables you to lose the grid-like structure of the image, meaning that you can watch a much larger screen from the seating position as you current full HD panel. This is one of the reasons you should purchase one of the 4k's, so to speak.

The first wave of 4K UHD TV's were really large. 84-inch panels were launched by Sony and LG. When that happened, prices were really high and since then, the prices have fallen dramatically which allows customers to move towards their dream of getting one. You'll now find a 4K TV for less than a $1000 and we encourage you to fit in good processing electronics behind the panel for a better picture.  

UHD explained4K Ultra HD is a much more intimate viewing experience than full HD. Pretty soon, 8K will be coming along to change things dramatically. It will deliver 16 times the definition of 4K and comprise 33 million pixels. Currently, nothing like that exists in the market and Japan has said that it intends to commercialize this technology.

8k TV

If you're concerned about whether you should get a 4K television or wait for an 8K to arrive, the thing to keep in mind is that 4K should last even when an 8K is out. It’s just like that. So you needn’t worry if you can buy one or not. 

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