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Tips for Choosing The Right Home Entertainment System

For everyone who loves to watch big budget movies, listen to their favourite music and play the latest blockbuster video games, the entertainment system in your home plays the key role in creating the ultimate in escapism. With the latest in ultra-high definition picture clarity and crystal clear audio from television and audio systems available today, choosing the right setup for your entertainment room can not only give you a boost in entertainment, but also save you a small fortune in the process.
Gone are the days when everyone had to crowd around a small square glass box that gave us a grainy low definition interpretation of the movies we saw in the cinema. Today there is a wealth of options when it comes to recreating the home cinema of our dreams, allowing us to enjoy all of our entertainment in perfect digital clarity like never before. The technology involved in the various televisions and playback devices has made leaps and bounds in recent years, so let’s look at the range of options available when it comes to televisions.
From analogue to digital, HD to 3D and 4K; television has come a long way over the past decade and with an ever growing number of options when it comes to choosing a type of television set, your budget plays a key role in what is available to you. The price High Definition LCD television has come down incredibly over the past decade, and with the average price of a 42-inch LCD TV coming in at around $600, LCD TVs have become the most economically viable option for building a home theatre system.
Plasma screen televisions have also come down in price, as well as seeing a rise in their quality. The first generation of plasma screen televisions suffered from screen burn and colour issues, but today’s sets can be bought for similar prices to LCD TVs. Plasma screens often offer a wider range in size, with some of the biggest plasma sets coming in at over 100 inches and the decision of many television manufacturers to exit the plasma market, these screens are only a good choice for those wanting a crisper, colour-rich image compared with LCD TVs but on a larger scale.
LED and OLED televisions are currently the most popular on the market, allowing these televisions to be just a few inches in thickness – perfect for hanging on a wall or to make the centrepiece of your home entertainment system. LED and OLED sets offer a huge advantage in power saving, and minimisation of screen burn combined with a richer palette of colours and contrast that leave LCD TVs in their wake. Though they are the cutting edge of the television technology, their size comes at a premium in the price department.
The latest generation of OLED often come with 1080p HD as standard, and with many now featuring the popular wave of 3D technologies, choosing the right combination depending on your budget will be a tough decision. Most 3D television sets come with two pairs of 3D glasses as standard and with additional glasses available for big families or sports nights. Add into the mix of HD projectors and the arrival of 4K television which brings with it multiples of picture definition over standard 1080p, the choice may be harder to make when it comes to your viewing pleasure.
Samsung & Blu ray 3D
As with any decent home entertainment system, movie playback, gaming and audio is high on the checklist. With many Blu-ray DVD players and recording systems coming down in price, you can pick up the latest and greatest movies to watch cheaper than ever. Taking care to ensure that you get the best picture and audio possible, using an audio amplifier and surround sound system into the mix will truly boost your viewing pleasure.
A 7.1 audio surround sound system is often bundled with a Blu-ray player to give you that out of the box experience, and whilst the best systems can cost anything up to $30k keeping on budget could be easier than you think if you invest in a video games console. With the latest round of video games consoles being released into the wild recently, you can pick up an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 for the price of a premium Blu-ray player, and enjoy your Blu-ray movies, HD gaming and surround sound audio all in a single box for that ultimate all-round package.
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