Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Importance of Taking Care of Your TV Antenna

The TV antenna is the primary piece of equipment that has the job of making sure you have good quality television reception. For the best result, an antenna is placed high on the roof of the house, which unfortunately exposes it to various hazards that can potentially damage it. Another option is using an indoor aerial, often called ‘bunny ears’ – however they rarely achieve perfect quality reception especially in the HD digital era. 

maintenance of tv antenna

A quality digital roof antenna can last 10 years or more, but it needs to be installed correctly and in the optimal position for the best reception. A full replacement of an antenna can be quite costly, so it is important to take great care of your TV antenna and ensure it is repaired when needed. 

lightning arrestor

Over the years of service and being exposed to the elements all day every day, a TV antenna will gradually decline and this obviously has a negative effect on the reception. Bad weather can play a big part in this. Generally, antennas are installed with a lightning arrestor to protect from thunder or any charged particles. Ideally, home owners will need to inspect that light arrestor from time to time as it can easily become loose or even broken. An antenna is galvanised by default, which is why no insulation is needed. However, as time passes the galvanised coating fades away, which can leads to poorer reception. Noticing this and acting accordingly can help improve the lifespan of the unit significantly. It’s certainly worth inspecting your TV antenna system periodically and ensuring it is kept in good health. If you find that it is damaged or not performing as expected, a specialist can repair it for you.

Safety measure during antenna installation
Of course, proper safety measures should be taken whenever you’re up on the roof inspecting the equipment. Checking up on your antennas is important, but no one should be doing so without taking proper precautions or if they are not in good condition to do so. Rod Hull, a British entertainer from years ago, is one of many that have fallen off their roofs and suffered injuries. In this case, Hull was fixing his antenna to watch a soccer match and his fall proved fatal. If you are doing so please be careful!  

The best way to keep your antenna in the best condition is to check up on it from time to time. You don’t have to be an expert to do that, but if you’re not up to the job or feel as if it is time for a repair, call the experts. On the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, Local Bloke Antenna Services are here to help you out with leading antenna installation services. So call us for any and all of your needs.

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