Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How Television Has Changed Over time

Television has changed drastically over time. What was once just a square box has now become flat screen sleek designs.  The journey from box sets to flat screens has indeed been remarkable.


This was the time when the innocence that was found in the 50s had died and televisions became more portable and affordable. Also, doctors legally advertised cigarettes! By the end of the decade, there were approximately 78 million sets across the United States and 200 million around the world.



Sesame Street came up and there were a greater number of night-time broadcasts. The average price of a television set was between $400 and $500 and the manufacture of black and white consoles were stopped finally in 1978. Also, the first direct to broadcast satellite television was launched in 1972. Couples were now sleeping in the same beds and actresses could now show their belly buttons.



The beats changed, the fashion changed tremendously and so did technology. There were VCRs now and home game consoles as well. Cable television saw a significant boom and programs like “The Cosby Show” were popular. This was the time when gaming consoles became increasingly popular. People were beginning to connect them and spend hours at an end playing away. The music had changed and several genres had come up. Kids were beginning to act more like the stars they saw on TV and much of the innocence that was found previously in the shows had almost vanished.



The good ol’ 90s. Action films reached a whole new level and everything, everything was more entertaining. Standard CRT televisions were leading the market and included additional features like sleep timers and parental controls. This was the technological age. Computers were faster, better and better served the needs of people. Gaming consoles had made dramatic improvements and almost every household with kids had one. Film scenes were much more graphic than ever before and the audience loved it.



This is now. Antennas changed from analog to digital TV antennas and with proper TV reception, you can sit away an entire day in front of the television. That’s what has changed throughout these years. Reality shows take over the airwaves and TV has become more interactive. TiVo arrived and revolutionized the way television was watched since people no longer had to keep up with network timings.
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