Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Do You Need To Buy A Curved TV?

With the addition of a multitude of new technologies to the media industry in recent years, some technologies have been and gone, whilst others are here to stay. It is still undetermined whether 3D TV is a technology that will last the coming 10 years, so with the advent of curved UHD TV screens coming onto the market, what’s all the fuss about, and why do you need to buy a curved TV?

Curved TVs Should You buy One ?

Well, one of the simplest benefits of curved TV is that the viewing space for those that have a front and centre seat improve dramatically. Sitting at an optimal distance, your eyes blend into what is on the screen and not the screen itself. This gives the viewer a fantastic immersive experience that no flat panel televisions can reproduce.

Curved 4k TV

The advantages of curved TV screens are clear due to the way the human eyes work. When a screen is concave around your field of vision, the lines blur on the screen and the screen seems to wrap around your head. When this is done with the right lighting conditions and the right sized screen, there is simply nothing that can better this experience other than being in the film yourself.

A More Comfortable Viewing Experience

Comfortable Viewing Experience
Curved TVs and especially curved 3D TVs due to their shape are able to deliver images and pictures that are more comfortable to view than a traditional television. Many people feel that because of the curved display that mimics the curve of your eyes, it feels easier to watch and doesn’t result in tired eyes after prolonged periods of time.

Comfortable Viewing Experience in curved TV
As well as these benefits, many people understand why a curved TV makes sense for them. As well as looking good in the centre of a room, curved televisions work perfectly well in the corners of rooms as well. They lend to being able to be placed anywhere in the house, without it looking out of place. Due to its curved nature, it resembles less a flat screen television and more of a work of art.

Improved Contrast to the Corners

Improved Contrast to the Corners in curved TVsOften you will find that the contrast viewed on a curved television screen is greater than that of a flat panel television. Because the screen is curved, you are receiving more light and more contrasting light directly to your eyes as the panel wraps around your field of vision.

Improved Contrast to the Corners in curved TVs
Flat panel televisions often suffer from poor contrast around the exterior of the screen, but by having a curved display, these corners seem bright because they are closer to your eyes, giving you a wonderfully rich contrast and colour range that looks completely different from a standard flat panel display.

A Wider Field Of View

A Wider Field Of View in curved tv

Curved television screens also have the great ability to give you a wider field of view that you would traditionally expect from a flat panel television. Due to the fact that the panel is curved in a concave way with the corners towards you and the centre bending furthest from you, your vision is tricked into thinking your television is actually larger than it is, and with a wider field of view you can get away with a smaller set.

A Wider Field Of View

Some of the best improvements in television make us feel more immersed in what we are watching on the screen. We have had a number of immersive like additions to television technology such as mood lighting from behind the television, as well as the introduction of 3D and UHD TV.

Curved displays are set to be a popular choice for movie buffs and gamers alike, so with all of these benefits added up, isn’t it about time you went with the curve?

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