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digital tv antennas make room for unlimited TV

Social Interactions are affected by what we watch on televisionThe influence of television and media is something that is ever increasing, as people are exposed to more and more choices of programs and films than ever before.

People spend hours watching television yet the effects that this has on our personality is something that is often forgotten. Television can inspire us, motive us, cause us laugh or even make re-examine the way we look at things.

We all know that kids try to imitate their favourite comic characters and superheroes. Obviously young people are very impressionable. What you might not realise is that the same thing can happen adults too, usually on a sub conscious level; this is ultimately why advertising and product placement works!

There are 3 different ways your perception/behaviour might be affected:

Daily Interaction

The kinds of interactions characters have on television have changed over time. The humour, the conversations and the relationships have an influence on us. For example, spending a lot of time watching dark horror films and programs can arguably shape our attitudes towards violence. Uplifting comedies often have the effect of improving our moods and our sense of humour.


The discovery channel and other educational programs obviously provide us with knowledge, but studies show that some movies, series, sitcoms and even advertisements can have the effect of increasing creativity and the imagination of some people. Series like Sherlock; which is a crime drama that presents a contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and many others, have encouraged people to use their intelligence and creativity in finding solutions to day-to-day problems. Others are motivated by the stories presented in such programs and look to create their own.
Consumer behaviour

It’s no secret that great commercials have an effect on sales. Years ago, less was expected of ads and commercials, they could be successful by simply being in the public eye. But now there is great competition and thousands of similar companies prying for the market advantage, so advertising needs to be memorable and different in order to stand out and bring in customers. Somehow, these 'great' advertisements influence people's ideas and perceptions on products and services as well as lifestyles. 
It seems that television plays a big part in shaping the way we think, act and ultimately lead our lives. The benefits are tremendous as well.  Australia’s move to switch off the analogue signal has encourage people to invest in digital tv antennas, which has brought with it more channels an improved television viewing experience in general. Also, for the ones who’re still using analogue antennas, it’s time to switch to experience and understand what modern day television has to offer.

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