Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 Different Types of TV Wall Mount

If you’re planning on wall mounting your television, it’s best to know of the different kinds out there and see which one suits your needs the best. Otherwise, you might start off with one and find out that it’s not working out too well for you. So, we have brought together 5 different kinds of TV wall mounts for you to check out before settling on one.

Flat Mounts

flat mountThis is the most traditional kind of wall mount that people choose for their television. Usually, this is a type which is best for large, heavy TVs with screen sizes that are over 32 inches. The difference between this kind and the other kinds of wall mounts is that this one doesn't feature moving or articulating parts. Usually, a sleek look comes out and there is an inch of space between the wall and TV. The mount does not tilt or rotate and is great for minimizing space in small rooms. If you're constantly in need of plugging and unplugging wires to your TV, then considering the Tilt or Swivel mount is a good option.


Tilt Mounts

tilt mountThis is the ideal kind to go with if you want to hold your TV closer to the ceiling or above a fireplace mantle. With this type of wall mount, there's an allowance of a certain range of movement and you can tilt your TV up and down. Usually, it's perfect for people how are looking to view at higher than eye level. Usually, retail stores are seen to pick this kind of mount. Also, some people use this in their bedrooms for an optimal viewing angle while lying down. Different models have different ranges of motion but most of them provide between 15 and 20 degrees of tilt.


Ceiling mounts

ceiling mount 
This type of wall mount attaches the TV to the ceiling featuring a hanging pole and bracket that attach to the TV itself. Usually, the ceiling-mount pole has an articulating hinge which is connected to the mounting plate, either on the TV or the wall. Large offices usually have their TVs set up using this method since this ideally looks the best in large spaces.

Swivel Mounts

This is also called the articulating mount or cantilever mount. This type of wall mount offers the maximum flexibility in screen movement and viewing angles. This form of mount allows the TV to be positioned 5 to 20 inches from the wall and can also rotate around 60 degrees in either direction. These mounts are best for multi-purpose rooms and allows you to make screen adjustments according to the location of your room. This is ideal for places like kitchens and living rooms to allow viewing from the adjacent room. If you're constantly in need of plugging and unplugging wires to your TV, then considering the Tilt or Swivel mount is a good option.

Under-cabinet mounts

These TV mounts are similar to ceiling mounts but they usually use very small TVs which are between the range of 8 and 12 inches. This mount works really well for bedrooms and small living rooms and looks fitting when a shelf is placed below the television. Also, under-cabinet mounts are great when you want to sit and watch with your family and seem to serve great when you're following shows. If you're using cable, you need to make sure you're not getting TV reception problems, otherwise the under-cabinet mount can't be fully experienced.

The kind of mount that you need to go with will depend on a number of factors. The size of the room, the arrangement, the ambiance and whether you’re planning to going to watch with a few people, alone or bring a ton of friends over at your home theatre. So make sure that you’ve done a bit of research first!

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