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Choosing the Best Blu-Ray Player Brand for Your Home Theatre Setup

Choosing the Best Blu-Ray Player Brand
When it comes to the latest technology in home theatre, getting the best display and the best home audio system experience is often down to the format in which you’re favourite films or music is played on. There are numerous different high-end formats that have come and gone in recent years, but the one winner is here to stay is Blu-Ray. Here are some tips for selecting the best Blu-Ray player for your requirements

Keep Your Budget In Mind!

Budget Blu-Ray players can be picked up for hardly anything these days, but like many other electronics, they pale in comparison to their more expensive counterparts in terms of quality of build, playback and overall features. By choosing one of the big brands in consumer electronics, you will be able to benefit from the wealth of technology that has gone into each unit, and benefit from the different software systems each brand uses.

The best Blu-Ray player brands in recent years have been Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Toshiba, so let’s take a look at some of their models to get an idea of what the best Blu-Ray player is for your money.

Sony Blu-Ray Players

Sony Blu-Ray Players
Having been part of the original founders of the Blu-Ray consortium, Sony has often led the way in Blu-Ray technology. Having released a number of Blu-Ray drives to the public, the first real mass take-up of the format was thanks to the release of the Sony PlayStation 3, which included a Blu-Ray drive. Even enthusiasts still say that the Blu-Ray drive and functions contained within the PS3 are a fantastically cheap way to get into enjoying HD movies.

The PlayStation 4 is also a great Blu-Ray player, and includes all of the latest features and functions for added internet connectivity and interactivity during the playback of the movies. Output in 1080p with a multitude of settings for your television such as true blacks, 24fps playback, not to mention most powerful gaming console currently available - it certainly packs a punch!

Samsung Blu-Ray Players

Samsung Blu-Ray Players
Samsung has progressed in leaps and bounds as a technology company in recent years, known for its stunning mobile phones and television sets, they make some of the finest performing Blu-Ray players on the market. The Samsung BD-H6500 is one of the stand-out players on the market at the moment that is feature packed and ready for any home theatre installation.

Featuring 3D playback, UDH upscaling (for 4K televisions) Samsung’s online SmartHub portal, file streaming from your home network, screen mirroring and WIFI connection, the menu systems and onscreen presentation are fast, smooth and beautiful. With access to over 50 apps including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and internet radio, you’ll be awash with entertainment even if your Blu-Ray collection is running thin.

LG Blu-Ray Players

LG Blu-Ray Players
Like Samsung, LG have taken advantage of their designs for their televisions and mobile phones and have implemented them into their mid-priced Blu-Ray players that have proven popular with home theatre enthusiasts. The LG BP645 Blu-Ray player is another outstanding player that offers the best picture quality for your money in this price range.

Featuring 3D playback, DVD and CD playback, built-in WIFI, media streaming and screen mirroring, it includes many of the features of higher priced Blu-Ray players for those on a tighter budget. The design of the box itself is an improvement over recent devices, and stands out as a stylish, classic device that will look good underneath any television of any size.

Panasonic Blu-Ray player
Other Blu-Ray players of note the Panasonic DMP-BDT700 at the top-end of the average price range, and the Toshiba BDX2550 which is a truly affordable Blu-Ray player for your home theatre. Choose a player according to your budget, and don’t forget about an Ethernet or WIFI options to allow you to connect to online services to increase your entertainment at a lower price!

Toshiba Blu-Ray player
If you’re looking for someone to help you with your Blu-Ray player, give us a call today. We offer a full range of services for home theatre installation on the sunshine coast and can help you set up and integrate your new Blu-Ray player into your existing home theatre arrangement.

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